Monday, April 23, 2007

Scrap Pile Going Rogue?

A photograph recently released to the media by anonymous sources has called into question the loyalty of the technically-minded so-called hero team, Scrap Pile. The picture clearly shows team founder Captain Scrappy and up-and-comer Starbryte standing alongside Arbiter Sands of the Arachnos cult in an abandoned office building.
When confronted, Captain Scrappy's response was, "How could I go bad when I look so good?" while Starbryte asked if it was inappropriate for her to wear her mask when everyone else was just wearing sunglasses.

Current team leader Citrus Shocker, in a follow-up call she initiated herself, added, "Look, it's well known that Arbiter Sands sometimes helps out heroes on perfectly legitimate missions for reasons of his own, and it's well known Scrappy loves to have his picture taken. Obviously nobody here was too worried about being photographed. It's not exactly grainy security film, and look, they're posing. Sands isn't even wearing his helmet. In fact- hey, wait a minute! Are those my old glasses? STARBRYTE!"

Although known for generously helping Santa Claus recover from a brutal mugging in King's Row, the Scrap Pile has been seen working with villains before, as recently as this past Valentine's Day, allegedly because it was the only way to help the enigmatic DJ Zero of Pocket D protect his other-dimensional portal system from roaming gnomes.

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