Friday, May 12, 2017

The New Scrap Pile

While I still mean to build some posts around old screenshots and City of Heroes reminiscences, I'm also still really busy with the novel I'm working on, conventions, house stuff concerning our relatively recent move, and a bunch of other distractions.

Meanwhile, the Scrap Pile has spawned a role-playing (real role-playing, not MMO or other computer stuff) campaign about its successors.

I suppose it's kind of ironic that, if you go there right after I post this, the first thing you'll see is a recycled story from here, but there's a lot more to read if you keep going. City of Heroes characters who pop up in the New Scrap Pile campaign include Captain Scrappy, Citrus Shocker, Starbryte, Freefall Brawler, the Angry Beet, Zombie Lizard Moll, Pork Chop, and several members of the Unbeholden. And probably some others I forgot.

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